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Multifocal Contact Lenses

Multifocal contact lenses are a great alternative to bifocal or progressive glasses. They incorporate many prescriptions into a small soft contact lens so that the wearer is able to see multiple distances: distance, near (phone/books), and intermediate (computer). The most common use of multifocal lenses is for people with presbyopia also known as age-related farsightedness (inability to read up close).

Dry Eye

Many people suffer from red and irritated eyes and this could be due to what we, as optometrists call, Dry Eye Syndrome (DES). We first need to ask, “What is dry eye syndrome?”

The Importance of the Annual Eye Exam

When we think about our yearly tasks, we often think about the annual physical exam, the dentist visit and car servicing. However, many do not factor eye exams into that yearly equation! Regular, annual eye exams are crucial for maintaining good eye health and overall well-being.

Daily Contact Lenses

Daily contact lenses have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and hygiene.  In fact, nearly 80% of our contact lens patient base now use daily contact lenses!


Gas permeable lenses, also known as rigid gas permeable lenses or GP lenses, are contact lenses made of rigid, oxygen-permeable materials. Unlike soft contact lenses, which are made of hydrophilic materials that absorb water, GP lenses are made of materials that do not absorb water and retain their shape when placed on the eye.

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